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Building Lasting Partnerships

We connect work helps you to find the right partners for your projects. On our platform, we put you in touch with companies that offer qualified professionals. Thanks to we connect work, you can flexibly increase your workforce for construction and industrial projects. As a contractor, you also have the opportunity to select the best offer for your orders. You can save up to 30% on construction and refurbishment costs thanks to our contract placement service!

How it Works


3 steps to success




Create Request

Enter all relevant details about your project within a few minutes




Receiving Offers

Receive non-binding offers from companies in our network




Taking off together

Choose an offer and take off together

Who is it for



Numerous qualified customers from various industries

For Customers

We provide customers with access to a curated pool of first-class professionals. On our platform, you will be contacted by matching companies, flexibly increase your personnel capacities via work contracts and thus increase your turnover. You can save up to 30% on construction/renovation costs through our contract placement service. On our platform, you can organise your collaboration, schedules and documents digitally and thus become more productive.

50+ first-class contractors from over 10 different industries

For Contractor

With our platform, we want to bring you together with qualified partners. We ensure that you receive transparent payments. We make sure that you can concentrate on what you do best! In our growing network, you can build long-term partnerships and lead your company successfully into the future!



Industries we cover

Our Platform compromises top contractors in diverse industries with skilled professionals in construction, craft and industry, fostering a dynamic marketplace where expertise meets every facet of the professional landscape.

Our Platform



Time saving

In just a few steps you enter your request.

Reliable and quick mediation

Offers in a short time

Large network of contractors

Access to a large network of qualified contractors

Lasting Relationships

Focus on long-term cooperations

Greater Planning security

Flexible increase of capacities

Secure payment

Verified credit worthiness of customers

Customer Support

Support along the entire process


Support for language difficulties


Who We Are

About us

About us

We've pioneered a cutting-edge web platform catering to skilled contractors and visionary customers alike. As for customers we connect work is your ultimate resource for connecting with top-tier professionals, streamlining project workflows and ensuring optimal outcomes.Join us in creating a functioning environment where professionals thrive,projects excel and success knows no bounds.For professionals, out platform is a gateway to fulfilling projects ensuring transparent compensation and supporting secure payments. We prioritize your expertise, offering unwavering support from project offer to completion.

Our Mission

We aim to create an environment for skilled professionals and qualified customers to connect, collaborate and achieve their goals -direct and transparent.

Our Vision

To create an innovative platform that not only connects contractors and customers but also optimizes processes, ensures transparent wages and builds lasting partnerships for the future.

Pioneer Coverings
Pioneer Coverings

Through our partner company Pioneer Coverings,we offer you exclusive access to an innovative and affordable tile replacement for bathroom refurbishment. The WALL ON wall panels can be installed quickly and easily on existing substrates and give your bathroom a seamless and value-enhancing look. You can find more information at www.pioneer-coverings.de

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